sydney - coffee course

Get schooled in Sydney’s favourite vice, coffee

After 14 different kinds of coffee, your head will start to spin. By lunchtime, your hands will be shaking. The thoughtful instructors at the Australian Coffee School  will remind to drink water, stay hydrated, but it will be too late. You will want to taste the difference between a ristretto and an espresso, a flat white and a cappuccino with such good foam that frankly you cannot believe you made it yourself. Then there are mochas, dirty chais (chai latte with a shot of coffee for extra kick), babyccinos…

In a city like Sydney where coffee is king, where everyone has a favourite cafe-cum-roastery and opinions on single origin beans, doing a one-day barista course is a bit of fun and a way to understand a whole new mysterious vocabulary. (The coffee bar Single Origin has a glossary and diagrams in its menu of aeropress, cold-drip etc.) Sydneysiders take coffee almost as seriously as the French take their wine. At the very least you will appreciate the work that goes into your morning coffee!

Teaching at the small Australian Coffee School is personable and efficient. The little room has enough large coffee machines and grinders for everyone to practise. If you do the Latte Art extra option in the afternoon (recommended!) you get to make an unlimited amount of lattes and cappuccinos on which you draw flowers, hearts, Sydney Harbour bridges… go nuts! They do roasting classes too on the weekends.

Barista skills, 3 hours: AUD $99

Barista skills + Latte Art, 5 hours total: AUD $129

The Australian Coffee School: 250 Pitt St, 5th floor, Sydney NSW 25000; metro Town Hall

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