pavilion des canaux

The Pavillon des Canaux is open all summer! Around the end of July, bars and restaurants and my favourite bakeries start closing for their annual vacances. Parisians escape to the countryside. For those of us still in the hot, dusty city, the Canal de l’Ourcq is a breath of fresh air. Paris Plage has set up sandpits and boats and cool misty showers for a pretend beach, although you would never actually want to swim in the murky canal water! There are ice cream stalls and pop up cafes and a wooden dance floor with daily dance classes. Yesterday it was a very stately tango, despite the heat.

And at one end of the Canal de l’Ourcq, the Pavillon des Canaux provides a haven: decorated like the Mad Hatter’s house, with a pink bedroom, green living room and blue bathroom, strung with plants and stuffed with comfy chairs. If you like, you can set up home in the bathtub, with a breeze from the open window. Try the iced tea, the hibiscus or passionfruit juice as well as the usual apéritifs. They have light meals and snacks, brunch on the weekend.

They welcome hipsters on laptops as well, with free wifi for a “coworking” space, outside of lunch/dinner hours. It should feel obnoxiously trendy but in fact the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and they work hard to create varied activities outside of a cool glass of rosé. Check out their programme for weekend yoga, music evenings, their pop-up hair salon and various classes on nutrition, business, philosophy etc.

Pavillon des Canaux : 39 quai de la Loire 75019 Paris; métro Laumière line 5

Open every day from 10am until late : until 12am (Mon-Wed), 1am (Thu-Sat) or 10pm (Sun)

Paris Plage programmes : by the Seine and by the Canal de l’Ourcq

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