Réseau Friche, dedicated to breathing life into empty spaces around Paris, have found a new spot: La Friche Davout. Once an abandoned plot stuck between the tall buildings in the 20th arrondissement, the Friche is now open for activities, games, music, art installations… The team behind Réseau Friche and its founder Camillo Gorleri aim to create a new public space, and to encourage people to participate in making it beautiful. Follow the Réseau Friche Facebook page to find out about the different events planned for September: a street art class, vintage clothing sales, pop-up bars, art shows, DJ sets, outdoor cinema. Or go for a wander and explore before it’s too late – the Friche will be closing in October 2016!

Coming events :

Friche Ouverte, 17th September (24 hour event: 12pm Sat – 12pm Sunday) : games, art, karaoke, dance…

Friche Day, 24th September, afternoon: vintage clothes sale, music, bar, pétanque

See Facebook directly for more details, or contact Camillo Gorleri at

Address: 145 boulevard Davout, 75020 – near Marie de Miribel, tram T3b

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