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The richest, most luxurious hot chocolate in Paris

If you could only have one mouthful to taste Paris, for me it would have to be Jacques Genin’s mango-passion-fruit caramel. Somehow he fits fruity, buttery, sweet and smooth all into one bon-bon. But the hot chocolate  is a close second. If you have time, or more than one mouthful to spare, sit down in the airy boutique in the Marais.

Order the chocolat chaud in winter, a thick elixir made simply of melted chocolate and milk, with the vanilla Chantilly on the side. It comes in a simple white jug and pours out like lava, accompanied by a couple of delicate chocolates or his fruit jellies “pâtes de fruits” which are bright and intense. In summer the iced chocolate is just as decadent and wonderful.The desserts are just as perfect as everything else, caramel-apple or lemon tarts, crisp millefeuilles made to order, and his famous Paris-Brest (skyscraper-high praline cream filling a choux-puff ring). However even for a greedy gourmet, it is a real struggle to finish both the rich hot chocolate and a pastry. You have been warned!

Jacques Genin133 rue de Turenne, 75003; metro Republique, lines 3,5,8,9,11 (closed Monday)

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