paris - eclair tour

Eclairs are the new macarons, try the latest trend!

Christophe Adam, once the head chef at thhe Parisian institution Fauchon, has made the éclair the latest colourful, customisable trend in patisserie. His shop, L’Eclair de Génie (a “flash of genius”) is number one on our list, but Paris has many more of these finger-shaped, cream filled pastries to offer. For an extravagant, gourmet walking tour, try all five and see St-Germain and the Marais at the same time. In order of deliciousness:

1. L’Eclair de Génie: passionfruit and raspberry. A changing range of eclairs, the most delicate and beautifully designed; the passionfruit icing glimmers with subtle gold. Intense flavour and silky cream. The smallest and most expensive éclair in Paris! €5.50

14 Rue Pavée, Paris 75003; metro: St Paul, line 1; open every day

2. La Pâtisserie des Rêves: coffee and chocolate. Extravagant architecture; a tube of fine milk chocolate encloses the coffee éclair within. Good size too.

93 rue du Bac, Paris 75007; metro: rue du Bac line 12; closed Monday

3. Sadaharu Aoki: black sesame. Perhaps an acquired taste, the black sesame is bittersweet, complex. The dalmatian-flecked white icing is elegant and neat.

35 rue Vaugirard, Paris 75006  metro: Rennes, line 12; closed Monday

4. L’Atelier de l’éclair: pistachio and orange. Another specialist éclair boutique. The pistachio is subtle, not usual artificial neon-green. Most of them are visually a delight, especially the lemon meringue. Special mention: the miniature foie-gras eclairs with a sun-dried tomato crust on top, served by the dozen as hors-d’oeuvres.

16 Rue Bachaumont, 75002 metro: Sentier, line 3; open every day

5. Stohrer : chocolate. One of Paris’ oldest patisseries, on the busy rue Montorgueil. Their chocolate éclairs were voted best in the city by the Figaro newspaper. Classic , unshowy, still delicious.

51 rue Montorgueil, 75002; metro: Etienne Marcel, line 4; open every day


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