Have breakfast at the Quiosque de Refresco, and soak up some sunshine in the square. Then hop on the number 28 tram to the Castelo San Jorge for the best views over the city. Walk back to O Triguerinho for lunch, but don’t eat too much!

On the way back from Belem (for the famous pastéis, of course) get off the bus or tram just under the bridge and find the LX factory, full of vintage shops, restaurants and the best bookshop.

For a hearty snack or a quick lunch, grab a roast pork bun and a fresh juice at Nova Pombalina.

In the evening, treat yourself to seafood at Cervejaria Ramiro, an oriental twist on Portuguese food at Taberna das Flores or cosy grandmotherly cooking at A Primavera do Jeronimo.

Click on the coloured markers for all the addresses. Bom apetite!


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