aires sevilla - hammam

As a special treat for Mother’s Day, I took my mamma for a couple of hours relaxation in the underground baths in Seville. There is a steam room, scented with herbs and … more


Have breakfast at the Quiosque de Refresco, and soak up some sunshine in the square. Then hop on the number 28 tram to the Castelo San Jorge for the best views over the city. Walk back to O Triguerinho for lunch, but don’t eat too much! On the way back from Belem (for the famous… more

5 Paris phrases

Not just “s’il vous plait, merci” (please and thank-you)

Parisians aren’t as rude as their reputation and they tend to be nicer if tourists use the proper formalities. more

paris - alaia

Two exhibitions, a modern couturier and a Belle-Epoque collection of clothes:

In the grand Palais Galliera is a collection of dresses displayed as they were stars in themselves. Spotlights in the darkness… more