Have breakfast at the Quiosque de Refresco, and soak up some sunshine in the square. Then hop on the number 28 tram to the Castelo San Jorge for the best views over the city. Walk back to O Triguerinho for lunch, but don’t eat too much! On the way back from Belem (for the famous… more

whole crab ramiro lisbon

We ordered a plate of spiny snails, murex or canilhas, that come with a needle-like tool to pull them out of thier shells. Then a whole crab with two hammers… more


Many of Lisbon’s praças (squares) have a little kiosk in the centre, surrounded by chairs and tables and the Refresco de Camões is one of the nicest.

As well as the usual coffees, they do old-fashioned cordials, made of tangerine or lemon-thyme… more